Current packaging technology uses primarily polyofelin (petroleum) derivative based materials. Although the composition of these products does not pollute the environment they take several centuries to decompose on their own. Thereby significantly burdening our nature. Furthermore the procedures used manufacture packaging materials and tools generally require solutions that harm the environment. Such as the mounting of multilayer materials which is either done by the application of isocyanate based glue or ethyl acetate dilution.

The base materials of Omnipack (First Hungarian Packaging Technology Cluster) environmental packaging materials and packaging tools is polylactic acid (bio-PLA) or starch, made from industrial crops (such as corn). Packaging materials created with these materials are 100% compostable and their manufacture does not require any environment polluting technologies.

Our company started its environmentally friendly and 100% compostable packaging material manufacturing technology in 2011. Our new packaging materials are currently unique in Hungary.

The HUN-GREEN environmentally friendly packaging material rolls are made of organic materials, they are bio-PLA (polylactic acid) based materials, which are 100 percent degradable, because they contain paper and bio-PLA.

We were the first to introduce the extrusion and rotary coating technology in Hungary which allows the production of environmentally friendly items since these processes do not make use of ethyl acetate or isocyanate based adhesives. These products use traditional materials, their brand name is ÖKOFOL.

Products belonging into both categories undergo a strict control procedure before they are delivered to clients.

The attributes of our fine packaging materials can be adjusted to the needs of the products. Along with their environmentally friendly properties their advantage is a more favourable price and a more specific yield.
Our combined packaging material rolls manufactured with the new technology are excellently processable with traditional high and low speed horizontal and vertical packaging machines.


Printing services – production of marketing tools

  • graphical works, image processing and production preparation, offset and deep printing
  • essential parts of flexographical printing are graphical design, printing preparation and mould preparation. Our colleagues organise the implementation these procedures with great professional expertise.
  • Before printing and manufacture begins we have the opportunity to create a mock-up with the assistance of digital printing.

Flexible primary commodities and semi-finished goods

  • PE, PET, OPP, BOPP, mono foils
  • Coextruded foils and papers
  • Duplex, triplex foils on coils
  • Structures created with the use of aluminium foil metallised films.
  • bio-PLA, NORIX, EPI environmentally friendly products

Confection packaging tools

  • Flat, side or bottom gusseted standing pouches. Die cut, euro handle, bottom-feedable pouches with zip lock or adhesive strip seals.
    To view the video showcasing pouch packaging machines click here.
  • Promotional, luxury, retail carry-out bags with loop, welded or fortified handles, in custom sizes. Our products are made exclusively out of plastic materials, combined out of mono- or multilayer base foils, combined and welded to order.
  • We manufacture custom promotional bags starting as low as 10.000 units, flexographically printed on both sides with up to 8 colours. Our loop handle bags are designed to carry up to 15 kilograms.

Rigid wall packaging materials

  • Three, five layer corrugated cardboard boxes, stands. Printed or unprinted.

Blister products

  • Our machine produces blisters with PVC backing as a final product, but we accept orders for cardboard backing.

POS products

  • Pallet holders, wobblers, shelf strips, display windows, car and other fixed advertisement spaces, offset products, leaflets, posters.
  • Administrative forms, envelopes, business cards, vouchers, brochures, books.

Specialised finished products

  • Confectionery industry: wrapping for sweets, candy wrappers, fondant, sliced products, puddings, cream mixes, snacks, salted peanuts, muesli etc. packaging.
  • Dairy industry: wrapping material for various dairy products, milk, powdered milk, butter, margarine, cottage cheese, sliced cheeses.
  • Meat industry: salamis, sausages, sliced products etc.
  • Baking industry: pastas, finished cakes etc.
  • Spice packaging: in small packages, spices, soup mixes, coffees.
  • Refrigeration industry: for bagging vegetables and fruits.
  • Household chemicals: such as laundry detergents.
  • Other: seed packaging, flower wraps, chemical containers, pesticides containers, industrial protective and bulk wrapping.