General Terms and Conditions

1./ The Manufacturer agrees to manufacture the contracted product within 1-6 weeks (according to jointly agreed delivery deadline, but keeping the option of early delivery open) of manufacture pre-requirements (2.p.) being met. In case of obstruction the jointly agreed new deadline is prevalent.

2./ The Manufacturer provides a 1 month price guarantee on the prices within this contract. Unit price may be changed before the deadline due unforeseen events or circumstances as permitted by 1990. LXXXVII §2-6. The Customer has to be notified of the planned price changed 15 days in advance. The Customer agrees that the final product will not be delivered as long as any outstanding debts towards the Seller have not been settled.

3./ Conditions of production start-up:

  • work order sheet verified and signed by the Buyer
  • delivery of MANUFACTURING CONTRACT / CONFIRMATION with firm signature
  • delivery of corrected graphics, film or mould.
  • delivery of other manufacturing related materials

4./ The Manufacturer agrees to store the finished product free of charge for 5 days after manufacture has been reported as finished, for every additional day thereafter a fee of 50 Ft/kg will be charged.

5./ The Manufacturer agrees to ship the product according to the terms agreed upon in the Manufacturing Contract / Confirmation.

6./ The Manufacturer creates an Invoice based on proof of delivery, however if the Customer should not arrange for shipping within three days of manufacture being reported as finished, the Manufacturer has the right to send an Invoice which the Customer is obligated to settle. Invoice related complaints are accepted within five days of postage.

7./ The Customer agrees to deliver the verified materials required for production to the Manufacturer.

8./ The Customer agrees to pay the amount billed on the basis of unit prices agreed in this contract and to cover other expenses and costs specified in this contract on time. In case of late payments the Manufacturer charges a yearly 28% lateness fee, based on gross invoice value.

9./ The Customer agrees to cover any manufacturing preparation costs should they breach or terminate the contract prematurely.

10./ The Customer accepts that the mould degrades with use, therefore its life span depends primarily on the number of repeat orders and not the quantity produced during a single run. Quality degradation, through no fault of the Manufacturer, related service fees shall be borne by the Customer.

11./ Delivery of the product is conducted on the Manufacturer’s premises if shipping is handled by the Buyer, if the Manufacturer handles shipping delivery is conducted on the Buyer’s premises. The Buyer does not accept post factum complaints of jointly inspected and accepted quantities.

12./ Acceptance quality and warranty: We provide quality certification of the contracted product on Customer request. The Manufacturer provides six months of warranty on their properly stored and utilised products. Acceptance quality is determined in part during delivery on site and in part during the utilisation of the product. The parties determine quality according to specifications designated in MSZ 247-1 and agree on the acceptance defect levels as AQL 4,0. Further handling of complaints shall be done in line with the Manufacturer’s ISO 9002 standard.

Complaints always have to include the unit or roll identification markers of the product in question. Warranty and complaint is only applicable to properly stored and mint condition products.

13./ The Manufacturer’s liability is at all times restricted to the replacement of faulty products or a price discount. The Customer accepts that in case they should not return the contract the Manufacturer will not begin production. Should this result in delivery delay or failed production the Manufacturer cannot be legally, financially or morally held liable. The Manufacturer agrees to properly store the accepted moulds for up to a year. If storage is required they will provide inventory certification and will inform the Customer of wear and other quality deterioration.

14./ The contract is considered valid after MANUFACTURING CONTRACT / CONFIRMATION has been signed and sent, until its completion.

15./ Other specific agreements: (guarantees, scheduling, primary commodity fund, contract work, waste management)

16./ Regarding questions not regulated in this contract the relevant sections of the Hungarian Civil Code are applicable. The parties will attempt to resolve their disputes in a peaceful manner. Should this not yield results they stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the Central District Court of Budapest.