Our company specialises in production of traditional and environmentally friendly packaging materials and tools. We also develop packaging materials and tools, manufacture custom industrial packaging materials, furthermore we undertake contract (e.g. promotional, traditional or high frequency blister) packaging.

Main fields of application

Our products are mainly suited for the automated or manual packaging of industrial or food industry items. When selecting the primary commodities and technologies to be used we consider the technological requirements of the items to be packaged, expected market appearance and relevant cultural consumption aspects.
The users of our products are primarily confectionery industry, refrigeration industry, pasta industry, soft drink industry, other food industry plants and agricultural processing plants.
Most are advertising industry related orders are for promotional materials, banner tapes, promotional shopping bags and pouches..
The owners of our company have, years ago, established the basis for the national supply of packaging materials and items that use the pouch technology, which is already successful in developed countries.
This has created the possibility in Hungary to package products of smaller companies in a professional manner, with an inexpensive technical background.