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Development, innovation and system supply

As the founder, organiser and integrator of the First Hungarian Packaging Technology Cluster we have the opportunity to undertake professional problem solving activity the successful execution of which goes beyond the productive operation of our firm.

The collective products and services of our Cluster Partners cover the entire spectrum of product launch, by providing a common problem solving platform. This means packaging, design, marketing and impact assessment, the entire production of flexible and rigid packaging material, logistics, IT support, configuration of engineering systems, special packaging materials and related lease, factor mediation. (www.omnipack.hu)

The above mentioned capabilities allow us to offer a currently unique team service to our partners. (see: our cluster website CLS, PTA).

Omnipack Első Magyar Csomagolástechnikai Klaszter Nonprofit Kft. is a non-profit oriented organisation strategic alliance which was created by the founding partners to provide better, more flexible, global service to our customers and to reduce the production costs. It is a group which provides complex services in the field of packaging.

The Cluster is an alliance with little financial strength of its own, its potential lies in finding opportunities and exploiting them.
The members are companies that specialise in production of packaging materials and companies that contribute towards distribution or production through different means. Other parties, institutions can join the cluster if they share similar interests.

The cluster integrator company manages the group and its member companies on the operative level for specific tasks according to common agreement and furthermore represents them publicly in a collectively defined professional manner. This activity was, when the Cluster was founded (2003.11.13.), conducted by a division of Erdősi Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. specificically created for this task, since 2005.05.18. this activity is coordinated by Omnipack Nonprofit Kft. (previously Omnipack Kht.).

The collective products and services of the Cluster cover the entire spectrum of product launch: packaging, design planning, labelling technology, adhesive tape production, marketing and impact evaluation, manufacture of flexible and rigid packaging materials, logistics and IT support, design of engineering systems, manufacture of specialised packaging materials, box manufacture and cardboard trade.
The membership count of the Cluster – excluding competition (the Cluster is a group of companies that engages in identical professional activities) – has reached 18.

In 2007. foreign owned companies have joined the Cluster.

The Federation of Hungarian Clusters is the association responsible for providing Hungarian clusters and economic networks with services of representation and validation of interest.