The project was realised with the support of the European Union, and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund.

Applicant name, contact information:

UgrinPack-Erdősi Kft.
2510 Dorog, Tömedék Akna Ipt. 2312/2 Hrsz.
Tel.: 33/503-045
Fax: 33/503-046

Contributing organisation's name and contact information:

MAG-Magyar Gazdaságfejlesztési Központ Zrt.

Nemzeti Fejlesztési Ügynökség

Funding programmes

Technological Development, acquiring a new machine for UgrinPack-Erdősi Kft.

Start date: 2010. 10. 10.

Completion date: 2012. 06. 16.

Under the brand name HUN-GREEN, UgrinPack-Erdősi Kft came out with a new environmentally friendly packaging material.
For its manufacture, with the assistance of programme resources, they have developed a currently nationally unmatched engineering solution which eliminates the use of ethyl acetate and isocyanate in the mounting process. Thus allowing their NORMAFOL products to be manufactured without polluting our environment. The products of the ÖKOFOL product family are among the first environmentally conscious packaging materials in Europe, a part of them is 100% compostable (bio-P.L. based) and is partially degradable (EPI supplemented).  The investment is a significant step forward regarding the national packaging material manufacture and consumer market. Benefits: environmentally friendly, innovative, controlled quality.

Improving competitiveness through acquisition of a new machine at UgrinPack-Erdősi Kft.

Start date: 2008. 08. 25.

Completion date: 2008. 09. 04.

Along the production of packaging materials our company also deals with secondary contract packaging of food industry and industrial products. Some of this work is promotional in nature.

These package types can be foil, paper or blister. Through programme funding we have acquired a half-automatic round table blister packaging mechanical system which allows us to seal products into shaped propylene or PVC capsules with the use of simple heat or high frequency technology.
The new manufacturing technology means market growth for our company.  Simultaneously our supplier position increases is strengthened.

Development of operational manufacturing technologies, quality control processes and technical solutions for compostable packaging materials and tools for UgrinPack-Erdősi Kft.

Start date: 2010. 04. 01.

Completion date: 2012. 08. 31.

Our company is dedicated to spreading controlled quality environmentally conscious packaging technology and the production of materials related.

As a result of our innovation programme our products are continuously controlled, which is a significant step forward in high speed mass production of roll packaging materials among small and medium businesses. Especially regarding the quality control of degradable environmentally friendly packaging materials manufactured by our company.

In order to increase the spread of bio-PLA based packaging materials the nanotechnology material modulations developed by the accredited cluster

OMNIPACK, which our company founded, is fundamental, the operational application technology is developed under the framework of this innovation programme.

Our funded innovation programme significantly increases our supplier capabilities.

Introduction of an integrated business information system at UgrinPack-Erdősi Kft.

Start date: 2011. 05. 18.

Completion date: 2012. 06. 30.

The foundation for the further development of our company is accurate record keeping, precise internal and external accounts and unified production and marketing management. Through these means can our access to additional business opportunities offered by the First Hungarian Packaging Technology Cluster, which we founded.

This was realised through the creation of custom software specifically tailored to our company's needs, use of governmental funding, company and private funds.